About Us

Foal Patrol, an initiative of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, was launched in December 2017. The program was conceptualized by John Hendrickson, the Museum’s president, and his late wife, the renowned philanthropist and Thoroughbred owner, Marylou Whitney. Foal Patrol's one-of-a-kind collection of live web cameras gave viewers rare insight into the lives of mares during their pregnancies, including the births and early weeks of their foals' lives. This program provided a behind-the-scenes look at what daily life is like for an in-foal mare, granting access to a previously sheltered stage of a Thoroughbred’s life. This access gave dedicated racing fans and general animal lovers alike a chance to ask questions, engage, and deepen their understanding of the Thoroughbred industry as a whole. As Marylou Whitney said at the program's beginnings, "Once you see a foal being born, you will be a fan for life.”


Foal Patrol's first four seasons cultivated a total of 3.5 million views and impressions. With 4 million views and impressions during Season 5 and fans of all ages from every state and 70 countries, we are grateful for a tremendous fifth and final season of Foal Patrol. After a groundbreaking five-year run, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s popular Foal Patrol program was retired in June 2022, having achieved its goals of educating and entertaining millions of people around the world about Thoroughbred breeding and the lifecycle of a racehorse. Foal Patrol provided an online educational platform and delivered real-time videos into homes, classrooms, and various businesses throughout the world, extending through computer, tablet, and phone screens to reach the broadest possible audience and provide education about Thoroughbred racing from before birth through aftercare. 


We are proud of what we accomplished in our five seasons, and we thank the farms for their participation and sponsorship of the program, our industry partners for great content and promotional support, and Foal Patrol's loyal fans for engaging and asking important questions. And we are ever grateful to the awe-inspiring animal and athlete at the core of Foal Patrol's mission - the Thoroughbred horse.


We invite Foal Patrol fans to visit for upcoming Museum programs. Thank you!