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Magical World20 is three months old

Magical World
May 29th, 2020

The first baby of Foal Patrol season 3, Magical World20 is three months old. Below is his May growth chart. As shared in the previous post, he weighed in at 468(!!) pounds and is the largest foal in his group. He remains well above the curve in weight and height as seen on the chart below (orange is reference, green is Magical World20 growth). 

Magical World20 May growth chart.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Three Chimneys Farm

Foal Patrol scavenger hunt round six

May 29th, 2020

Welcome to round six of the Foal Patrol virtual scavenger hunt!  Throughout the coming weeks, questions will be posted for an exploratory activity. The answers can be found on the Foal Patrol website, education blog and individual mare pages from seasons 1, 2, and 3. Look at the questions below and check back in a couple days for the answers. 

Send any questions to Thanks for participating!

1. Name the 5 basic colors of thoroughbred horses.

2. Which mare from Season 2 had a racing career in England? 

3. Do thoroughbreds generally prefer to be alone or with other horses?

4. What does a foal do after birth? 

Emotional Kitten and colt are well and streaming will continue on their stall

Emotional Kitten
May 29th, 2020

News from Denali Stud: Emotional Kitten and her colt are well. He's growing and developing nicely. The farm staff continues to wrap his legs whlie he is in his stall to help reduce tightness in the front tendons. Both mare and foal have moved to a larger paddock in the afternoon so the camera will remain streaming on their stall from approximately 7:30a - 1p each day. There will not be camera coverage in the paddock. 

Emotional Kitten has been rebred to The Factor and the farm staff will be monitoring her over the coming weeks. Below a sweet moment of Emotional Kitten20 nursing. 

Emotional Kitten and foal in stall.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Denali Stud

Magical World20 growth and development

Magical World
May 28th, 2020

Three Chimneys Farm staff measures the weight and height of their foals on a monthly basis. Yesterday, Magical World20 weighed in at 468 pounds (the largest in his group)!! Watch below to see him weighed and a conformation evaluation. 

Chris Baker also shares how they measure the growth of the foals looking at physical measurements (weight and height) as well as the social and emotional developments of each horse. Watch below to learn more about that and see Magical World20 with his friend and buddy, Manda Bay20 a More Than Ready filly.

Gun Runner wins the Whitney Stakes in 2017

Gun Runner
May 27th, 2020

Three Chimneys Farm shared some of the major racing footage of Gun Runner. Below is the G1 Whitney Stakes, an American thoroughbred horse race held in Saratoga Springs, NY. The race is named for the Whitney Family, whose members were and remain prominent participants and supporters of the sport of thoroughbred racing. Gun Runner won this race on August 5, 2017.