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Honor It, leader of the pack

With Honors
August 19th, 2019

Claiborne Farm staff shares how Honor It is doing:

Honor It and the rest of the foals at her barn have now been weaned. We are very pleased with how the filly transitioned during the weaning process. With Honors is also doing well and is over at our mare division. Honor It continues to have an athletic body and is very quick on her feet! She has bonded well with the other foals in her herd and is often the leader of the pack while in the field. 

Love and Pride has a great temperament

Love and Pride
August 15th, 2019

Love and Pride19 has done exceptionally well after weaning, a testament to her temperament. Three Chimneys Farm is very happy with her overall growth and development. The mare has done well after surgery also and is back on paddock turnout. 

Love and Pride August 15 2019.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Three Chimneys Farm

Silver Colors19 friendly and social

Silver Colors
August 15th, 2019

Silver Colors19 is doing well and particularly happy to be turned out with the rest of the herd. His tendon has healed nicely so he's been turned out with everyone for a couple of weeks now, and is loving it! He’s made some new friends, and has acclimated to being with more than one other mare and foal.

Silver Colors August 15 2019.jpg

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Silver Colors August 15 2019 1.jpg

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Comme Chez Soi and filly at Old Tavern Farm in the summer

Comme Chez Soi
August 8th, 2019

Trina Pasckvale, Broodmare Manager at Old Tavern Farm drove us over to their nearby paddock to check in on four mares and foals. The foals are quite social with one another and said hello when we arrived. Trina greets them and sprays them down with bug spray as flies and bugs can be an issue in the summertime heat. She does so quite often to ensure they stay comfortable. Comme Chez Soi and filly were taking in the summer air and Comme Chez Soi19 was quite sweet but particularly playful with Trina, nipping at her toes. Check out the video below for an update from the farm.