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Life and Daily Operations at Old Tavern Farm

Alpine Sky
June 26th, 2020

Earlier this season, we asked what you wanted to learn more about at Old Tavern Farm. We received some great questions and inquiries. The farm staff reviewed them and their responses are below. There are a few more responses we plan to share over the next couple weeks! Thanks for following.

What factors do you consider in determining which stallion will breed to one of your mares? In season one of Foal Patrol Memento d'Oro's foal was by Bodemeister and this year her foal was by Empire Maker. Comme Chez Soi's foal in season two was by Malibu Moon and her foal this year was by Good Magic. Some of the stallions are relatively new, while others are proven sires.  What are you looking for in a stallion when you consider breeding to one of your mares? - Deb from Tennessee 

This conversation is usually ongoing throughout the year internally and with our sales agent Francis Vanlangendonck – i.e. pedigree, sales results, marketability, conformation, racing, etc. As commercial breeders we try to focus on stallions that are marketable; however, the long time horizon on breeding a horse can be a challenge. We try to target the upper end of the market, and keep a close eye on which stallions are selling and running well. Having a relatively young broodmare band we also want to breed horses that will ultimately get to the track and can perform. Lastly, we go to the stallion farms in the fall to look at stallions to see which ones would match well with our mares conformationally. Despite the careful planning, it is still up to nature to decide what kind of foal we will get.

How and why did the owners establish Old Tavern Farm, what are the challenges and rewards of a boutique operation and a location such as Saratoga Springs, and how does the winery fit into the scheme of things? – Kim

The farm was established in 2016. The farm was built completely from scratch so, we were able to lay out the farm to be as efficient as possible. Being boutique allows us to provide a little more individual attention to each horse. The drawback to being small makes everything very exacting, i.e. the loss of Alpine Sky ’20 is felt a bit more as we get attached to each of them and want them all to succeed at the next level. The vineyard and winery is run by Nicole Borisenok and was a way for her to be involved in the farm. Saratoga Springs is a great location for thoroughbred breeding as it affords us access to some of the best racing has to offer, the Fasig-Tipton sales are here, a world class veterinary clinic in Rood & Riddle, and the National Museum of Racing & Hall of Fame are all within 10 minutes from the farm. 

Does Old Tavern Farm own the horses alone or do they have partners? – Arlene

The majority of the horses on the farm are owned by Old Tavern Farm. 

How many horses in total are at Old Tavern Farm? How many are mares verses stallions? - Elisabeth from Florida

We have 7 mares, 6 foals, 10 yearlings, 1 2yo gelding, 1 pig , 14 hens, 1 rooster, 1 barn cat.

Do all the mares go to Kentucky Stud Farms to be bred or do some go to New York State stud farms? - Mary from Canal Winchester, Ohio

Generally yes, all of our mares are bred in KY. We did have to breed a mare this year in NY in order to be in compliance with the NY Breeding program.

Memento d'Oro and filly traveled to Kentucky

Alpine Sky
May 27th, 2020

Yesterday morning Memento d'Oro and her filly traveled to Kentucky. She will be rebred to Speightstown. They went to Sally Thomas who takes care of the Old Tavern Farm mares in Lexington, an integral part of the OTF team. Alpine Sky is also with Sally Thomas and doing very well.

The camera will remain in place, on the paddock for now. There may be occasional views of other horses as well as the other animals at the farm (Porkchop). Thanks for following!

Memento d'Oro and filly 2.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Old Tavern Farm

Alpine Sky arrived in Kentucky

Alpine Sky
May 13th, 2020

Old Tavern Farm created this video of Alpine Sky before she traveled to Kentucky. She arrived in Kentucky safely Monday evening and will be rebred to More Than Ready. After about 45-60 days she will travel back to the farm. The staff wanted to share their appreciation for all the condolences and support from Foal Patrol fans.

The cameras have been reset on Memento d'Oro and her filly's paddock. Enjoy the new view of the farm!

Alpine Sky travels to Kentucky and cameras will be on Memento dOro and filly

Alpine Sky
May 12th, 2020

Yesterday morning Alpine Sky said farewell to New York and the paddocks at Old Tavern Farm for a couple of months. She traveled to Kentucky to be rebred. Greg Daley and Trina Pasckvale explained that there is a lot of monitoring that happens to ensure the mare is healthy to breed again. All looked good for her to travel, but we will miss seeing her at Old Tavern Farm. 

For the next week or so, the cameras will be on Memento D'Oro (the participating mare from Foal Patrol season 1) and her Empire Maker filly. If you want to learn more about this mare along with her Bodemeister foal from season 1, visit her page here. She is a wonderful mom who is very calm and loving. 

The cameras will be readjusted to stay on their paddock. Below is a video of them together in the field during a light spring rain. Thanks for following!

Alpine Sky20

Alpine Sky
May 2nd, 2020

From Old Tavern Farm: It is with very heavy hearts that we share with you that Alpine Sky ‘20 has passed away. While every effort was exhausted, there was no longer a viable option to save his life. Old Tavern Farm would like to thank Dr. Rings, Dr. Tasse and Dr. Dern as well as all the staff at Rood & Riddle for their care throughout his illness. We would also like to thank the National Museum of Racing & Hall of Fame and all the fans of Foal Patrol - we appreciate all the well wishes we received from you all. Alpine Sky is here at the farm and is adjusting well. We look forward to sharing updates on the farm soon. 

The cameras will stream on the paddock for the time being. We ask that you kindly respect the privacy of Old Tavern Farm staff. If you have any questions, please contact the Museum directly at