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Magical World '20 is weighed at 1 month old

Magical World
March 30th, 2020

At monthly intervals, the foals at Three Chimneys Farm are weighed. Magical World20 was weighed at his 1 month and the scale showed him at 278 lbs having gained 128 lbs in the 30 days since he was born on 2/25/20. Below is the growth chart for Magical World20 based on the weight and height data collected. We hope to share monthly updates on this colt's growth over the coming months.

Magical World20 weigh in.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Three Chimneys Farm

Magical World20 growth chart 32520.jpeg

Image courtesy of Three Chimneys Farm

Magical World has been rebred to Quality Road

Magical World
March 27th, 2020

After delivering her Gun Runner colt, Magical World took some time to get over the impact. She experienced some internal bruising from the challenging delivery of a large foal. She continued to recover well while putting on weight grazing and exercising in the field. The Three Chimneys Farm staff assessed her at her 30-day heat to see how her recovery progressed and her body did a great job healing. Therefore, they were confident to breed her back to the sire, Quality Road.

Below Chris Baker discusses what the team looks for prior to rebreeding to ensure they are making the best decision for the mare. Additionally, he shares the process that the farm goes through in selecting the sire to which a certain mare will be rebred. Many factors accompany that decision and a big part for Magial World is that she is a multiple stakes producer and Grade 1 producer including her offspring of Guarana. Watch below to learn more!

Happy Birthday, Magical World!

Magical World
March 23rd, 2020

Magical World celebrates her 10th birthday today (March 23rd). We send her Foal Patrol birthday wishes!! 

Magical World'20 is social

Magical World
March 23rd, 2020

Magical World and colt continue to socialize in their paddock. 

The staff at Three Chimneys Farm continue to care for the horses as that need is still present. Watch to learn more about how Magical World'20 is spending time socializing and what the farm staff are doing to stay safe at this time. 

Magical World '20 has the temperament of his sire

Magical World
March 16th, 2020

Today, Magical World20 had the shoe from his right hind foot removed. His alignment and step have become more correct and the farm staff is very happy with those results. He is moving well out in paddock and the staff will continue to monitor him. There is a possibility that it will need to be applied again but, this will depend on his progress.

Otherwise, Magical World and her foal continue to socialize and spend time outside with other mare and foal pairs. The farm staff shared how this colt loves to play in the field. He will run freely in the paddock, creating some healthy distance from Magical World to be with the other foals. When the other mares start to intercept and protect their foals, he will come back to Magical World as his buffer. He just likes to mix it up & keep it interesting. The calm, social temperament of his sire, Gun Runner is showing up in him a little more everyday. You can view his sire, Gun Runner at Three Chimneys Farm on Foal Patrol at 

Magical World and colt in paddock.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Three Chimneys Farm