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June 29th, 2022

As we shared last week, Elate is progressing well in her current pregnancy. Elate 22 is as energetic as ever, spending much of his time turned out with mares and foals he has shared a pasture with for nearly three months. Elate 22 will be weaned later this summer, around 5 months of age, along with some of his pasture buddies also foaled in early to mid-March. 

As Elate 22 leads the way with his mom for turnout, followed by some of their pasture mates, we hope you enjoy this final clip of the season of Elate with her lovely Speightstown colt. 

We thank Claiborne Farm for sharing Elate and Elate 22 with Foal Patrol fans, for all their work and support in this and prior seasons, and for their ongoing effort to progress the breed. We wish the farm, horses, and crew all the best.


Pregnancy update

June 24th, 2022

We are pleased to share that Elate continues to progress well through her pregnancy. Now at 77 days, farm staff describe Elate's pregnancy as "textbook - everything you want for any of your broodmares." Foal Patrol wishes Elate the very best in the upcoming months. For more information on gestation through all three trimesters, visit the Breeding/Reproduction Blog of our Season 5 Education Site

New photos, Part 3!

June 17th, 2022

We are pleased to share our newest photos of Elate 22! As we saw in this week's posts for Traveling Tiger 22, Repeta 22, and Spanish Bunny 22, the growth captured between this week's photos and the photos taken of these foals just two to three weeks ago is incredible.

Elate 22 was poised during his visit this week, standing for these photos like he has been at it for some time. He continues to come more into his own with each day, venturing further from mom during turnout to explore, while still in the company of his pasture mates.   

Happy Belmont Stakes Day!

June 11th, 2022

Happy Belmont Stakes Day from Foal Patrol!

It also happens to be a big day for Elate 22, who turns 3 months old at Claiborne Farm. With his seven-figure earning, multiple graded stakes winning parents, this Speightstown colt may have a classic win in his future…

Your Foal Patrol fans can’t wait to see what you and the entire 2022 Foal Patrol class go on to do on and off the track. Best wishes!


June 2nd, 2022

We have heard from some of you wondering how Elate 22's personality has developed as he approaches 3 months old this month. Playful and energetic from the get go, this colt continues to be full of spunk. He enjoys socialization time, sprinkled with some competitiveness among his pasture mates. And although he tends to cooperate with some stall time in the mornings, both he and Elate are always ready for turnout.