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Comme Chez Soi and filly update

Comme Chez Soi
May 13th, 2019

Greg Daley at Old Tavern Farm provides an update on Comme Chez Soi and her filly. They are doing well and the plan is for them to travel back to New York in June. 

National Pet Week - Porkchop and Walter

Comme Chez Soi
May 9th, 2019

It's National Pet Week and who else do Foal Patrol fans think of but Porkchop and Walter at Old Tavern Farm. We have followed their life behind the scenes through videos as well as snippets on the Foal Patrol cameras. These are a couple fun videos of Porkchop out with the chickens, in his bed of hay, his new spring location. Walter, on the other hand, spends time lounging and sleeping with a great view of Thoroughbreds behind him. 


Comme Chez Soi and filly in Kentucky

Comme Chez Soi
May 2nd, 2019

Greg Daley from Old Tavern Farm shared that Comme Chez Soi and filly are both doing great, enjoying the grass and pastures with Sally Thomas in Kentucky. This time of year they are both turned out for most of the day with a few hours in stall during the morning to check-in on the mare. Comme Chez Soi was bred to Good Magic in late April and the farm staff at Old Tavern is waiting for her first check up to see if she is in foal.

Stay tuned for updates on Porkchop and Walter next week during National Pet Week! 

Happy National Pet Day!

Comme Chez Soi
April 11th, 2019

Happy National Pet Day! Thoroughbred horses can have companion animals that help to keep them calm and relaxed. Old Tavern Farm in Saratoga, NY shared this video of the barn buddies/companion animals in the mix at their farm! For all the Porkchop fans, you can see him in his glory. Enjoy!

Comme Chez Soi and filly leave for Kentucky

Comme Chez Soi
April 1st, 2019

Comme Chez Soi and her filly left for Kentucky on Saturday and will be back in about two months. For the time being, the Old Tavern Farm cameras will be turned off. We will keep Foal Patrol updated with occasional blogs and photos until their return to New York.  Please stay tuned!  Here is a video of their travel preparations.