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Honor It, leader of the pack

With Honors
August 19th, 2019

Claiborne Farm staff shares how Honor It is doing:

Honor It and the rest of the foals at her barn have now been weaned. We are very pleased with how the filly transitioned during the weaning process. With Honors is also doing well and is over at our mare division. Honor It continues to have an athletic body and is very quick on her feet! She has bonded well with the other foals in her herd and is often the leader of the pack while in the field. 

With Honors and Honor It

With Honors
July 11th, 2019

Claiborne Farm sent this update on Honor It:

Honor It continues to grow and develop – she has a great amount of presence for a foal, with a strong body and a beautiful walk. We have begun the weaning process and both mares and foals are adapting well. Honor It will remain at the same barn with the same group of foals for several more months and has bonded with the herd in her field. We look forward to continuing to watch Honor It and her herd mates mature throughout the year!

Honor It July 11 2019 2.jpg

Photo courtesy of Claiborne Farm

Honor It July 11 2019.jpg

Photo courtesy of Claiborne Farm

Honor It outdoors

With Honors
May 28th, 2019

With Honors and Honor It are now settled into their summer schedule. As she grows older and more confident, Honor It is becoming more independent and wanders further from mom with her friends. Weaning will take place sometime in early to mid-July for mom and foal. Honor It is enjoying the fields and outdoors at Claiborne Farm.

Honor It 2.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Claiborne Farm

Honor It is zipping and zooming as she turns 3 months old

With Honors
May 2nd, 2019

Honor It is zipping and zooming in preparation for turning 3 months old this Saturday, May 4! Enjoy this sweet video of her at sunset.

Honor It - Stunning and Spunky!

With Honors
April 30th, 2019

Jill Gordon sent this update from Claiborne Farm

"With Honors and Honor It continue to thrive. Honor It continues to grow and is a stunning filly with the spunk to match! They have now transitioned to their summer schedule, allowing them to soak up the sun as well as enjoy the cooler nights outside in the field. They will come inside around 7 am and stay inside until 1 pm. Be sure to tune in to see Honor It’s infamous ‘zooms’ when she is turned out!"

Honor It sunset.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Claiborne Farm