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Lassofthemohicans19 - exploring and gaining independence

May 14th, 2019

Lassofthemohicans19 has graduated from a paddock to a field with other foal buddies now that she’s strong enough. She is growing well and is in good health as she explores and gains independence each day.

19 lass 2.jpg

Photo courtesy of Dallas Smith

Happy one month Lassofthemohicans19

May 7th, 2019

Happy one month to Lassofthemohicans19! This filly is growing well and enjoying the paddock with mom.

Her ribs have healed nicely and this pair will soon get a buddy in their paddock. 

19 Lassofthemohicans 5.7.19.JPG

Photo courtesy of Mikala Bidwell

Schedule update for Lassofthemohicans & filly

April 18th, 2019

Lassofthemohicans19 has recovered nicely after a number of days staying in her stall. The Denali Stud Farm staff has begun turning this mom and filly out starting a couple hours a day into a round pen. Early next week, the farm staff will turn them out into the paddock with the Foal Patrol camera. 

Lassofthemohicans foaling

April 11th, 2019

Flashback to this past Saturday, April 6 when Lassofthemohicans delivered her Candy Ride filly. Denali Stud shared this video of the foaling and how well she did throughout the delivery. Happy (almost) one week to Lassofthemohicans19. 

Hello Lassofthemohicans19

April 8th, 2019

Lassofthemohicans delivered a bay filly by Candy Ride Saturday, April 6 at 10:06 p.m. After birth, the filly measured at 42 inches tall and weighed 124 pounds. The mare had a quick and easy delivery and both seem to be doing well at this time. 

Conrad Bandoroff, Vice President at Denali Stud shares an update on Lassofthemohicans and her filly:

"We are thrilled with Lassofthemohicans Candy Ride filly. She has everything that we look for in a young foal with good leg and a nice frame to grow into. During the vet exam this morning following her foaling, the filly was discovered to have a couple broken ribs. This is not uncommon in good-sized foals. We will restrict the foal's turnout to a stall for 10 days to allow the ribs to heal. Turning out a foal with fractured ribs can be dangerous as the broken rib could puncture the lung if the foal is jumping and playing around. A vet will recheck and examine the filly later in the week to ensure they ribs are healing well."

Even while recovering, it looks like Lassofthemohicans19 is curious and friendly! 


Photo courtesy of Denali Stud