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Frivolous19 in the bluegrass and sunshine

July 29th, 2019

Frivolous19 is keping up with his regular schedule, going into the barn each day from 7:00a- 10:00a to have breakfast, have his feet picked, temperature taken, and a quick siesta. After 10:00 the horses are turned back out to spend the rest of the day and night enjoying the bluegrass and sunshine. He is quite the daper dude here!

19 c Frivolous 26-07-2019 (5).jpg

Photo courtesy of Shawnee Farm

19 c Frivolous 26-07-2019 (4).jpg

Photo courtesy of Shawnee Farm

Frivolous19 and Friends

June 27th, 2019

Frivolous19 is doing great at Shawnee Farm. He is out in the paddock, becoming friends with a number of other foals. The farm staff say he is rather independent and SUPER friendly. Enjoy this video clip!

Happy two months, Frivolous19!

June 4th, 2019

Happy 2 months to Frivolous19! He is doing great, spending lots of time outdoors and getting familiar with the grooms and staff at Shawnee Farm. 

Frivolous19 3 May 13.jpg

Photo courtesy of Christine Brinkmann

Frivolous 19

May 22nd, 2019

Shawnee Farm sent a few photos of Frivolous 19. He is enjoying the paddock, doing well and loving life as a colt. 

Happy one month Frivolous19!

May 3rd, 2019

Happy one month today to our first Foal Patrol colt of Season 2, Frivolous19! He's doing great, growing strong and sticking by mom! 

19 c Frivolous 09-04-2019 (6).jpg

Photo courtesy of Carrie Gilbert