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Silver Colors19 friendly and social

Silver Colors
August 15th, 2019

Silver Colors19 is doing well and particularly happy to be turned out with the rest of the herd. His tendon has healed nicely so he's been turned out with everyone for a couple of weeks now, and is loving it! He’s made some new friends, and has acclimated to being with more than one other mare and foal.

Silver Colors August 15 2019.jpg

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Silver Colors August 15 2019 1.jpg

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Silver Colors19 loves to play

Silver Colors
July 22nd, 2019

Silver Colors19 is playful as can be. He is still on day time turnout, and has to stay by himself to help with healing. He is out of his bandage, and loves to play with whatever in his paddock...trees, cats, people, his mom... anything is fair game. 

He is losing his baby fur and is starting to get his sleek summer coat. The farm should hear from the doctor in the next few days to see if his tendon is ok to be turned out with his regular paddock mates.  

Silver Colors19 leg update

Silver Colors
June 25th, 2019

Gainesway Farm provided an update on Silver Colors19. His ankle is doing really well, and he is out of the bandage. They are keeping a lineament brushed on his pasturn joint just to help promote the healing process. The farm staff hopes he will be back with the rest of the herd sometime next week. We will share photo updates soon. 

Silver Colors19 update

Silver Colors
June 18th, 2019

Gainesway Farm has shared that Silver Colors and colt are no longer in the paddock where the outside camera is placed. The colt had some slight swelling in his lower leg, so as a precaution, the farm manager decided to keep him on daytime turnout in a smaller paddock while he heals and gets better. Currently, Silver Colors19 and his mom are staying up in the evening and being turned out a couple of hours in the morning and in the afternoon. Hopefully, in a few weeks he will return to his new herd. 

With his new location, there will be limited to no live streaming video footage. All cameras will be turned off at the end of June but we will provide video and photo updates on his status as Gainesway Farm is able to send them. 

Silver Colors19 Socializing

Silver Colors
June 4th, 2019

Silver Colors and her colt have been placed with Wicked Mizz and her bay filly by Tapizar. The broodmare manager at Gainesway Farm likes to buddy mares up, 2-3 at a time to let them get safely accustomed to being back with their own pasture mates with their babies. In the next month or so, he will then place most of them back together in a larger herd, and since the mares will have a horse they are comfortable being around, there will be less of a chance of a horse getting injured.

As far as little Silver Colors19 turning gray...He will probably stay chestnut. It can be hard to tell, but most of the time the babies that will turn gray usually have what I call a thick "white eye-liner" around their eyes. Kind of a roaning around them. They will, after about a month or so, have a roan/steel look about their entire coat. Silver Colors19 had a little lite coloring around his eyes when he was younger, but that was due to his chestnut color. 

Here is a recent video of Silver Colors19 socializing with his friend.