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Will a mare start her labor outdoors?

Magical World
February 21st, 2020

A follower inquired about the likelihood of a mare delivering outdoors in her paddock. Chris Baker created the following response:

In our experience at Three Chimneys Farm, mares can start labor anytime/anyplace but we end up with around 10% of foalings occurring during daylight hours and potentially out in the paddock/field. To identify these occurrences, we have a “day watch” person making rounds of paddocks and fields all day so mares are observed every 10-15 minutes and therefore can’t get too far ahead of us in the foaling process before we can monitor and assist. 

If the weather and ground conditions are appropriate, we will go ahead and foal them outside as this is a very healthy way to foal for mare, foal and bio security purposes. If conditions do not allow for outdoor foaling, we will bring the mare into the barn when foaling is imminent or when she has broken water and complete the process in her designated stall. 

New Money Honey is coming along

New Money Honey
February 21st, 2020

New Money Honey is progressing well, her mammary development is slowly coming on. The staff at Indian Creek Farm believe she will go over her due date of February 21 by about a week to ten days. Leo Dooley, Broodmare Manager provided the information below about her stable bandages. 

On Sunday February 16th New Money Honey presented with moderate swelling in her right hind leg and mild swelling in her left hind leg. Following consultation with our veterinarian it was decided to put New Money Honey on a precautionary 3 day course of oxytetracycline. This is an antibiotic that is useful for fighting off a cellulitis. In central Kentucky during the Spring this is not uncommon due to wet ground conditions. New Money Honey was also placed in stall wraps on both hinds until swelling is resolved. We are happy to report that at no stage was she uncomfortable and has continued to maintain a healthy appetite.

Most likely she is days away from delivering but continue to follow her over the weekend to stay updated. 

NMH and Leo.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Mathea Kelly

Magical World getting closer

Magical World
February 20th, 2020

Magical World is getting closer and closer to delivery. Chris Baker shares an informative video on her progress and the signs that she is exhibiting. She is letting go of her top coat, relaxing her top line, filling up her udder with milk and softing the pelvic muscles around her tailhead to deliver. Stay tuned over the weekend as they believe she is days away from foaling. Only time will tell! 

Gun Runner at the Clark Handicap

Gun Runner
February 19th, 2020

Three Chimneys Farm shared some of the major racing footage of Gun Runner. Below is the Clark Handicap, an American thoroughbred horse race held in late November at Churchill Downs located in Louisville, Kentucky. First run in 1875, it is one of the oldest races in the USA. Currently a Grade 1 event, it is open to horses age three and older. Gun Runner won this race on November 25, 2016.

Porkchop and Walter

Alpine Sky
February 19th, 2020

The view at Old Tavern Farm is beautiful and picturesque as the farm staff take care of the horses. Porkchop enjoys visiting the horses; especially in their stalls, to check in and possibly get some food. He has also been working on building up a nest of blankets and straw to stay comfortable. Here and there, Porkchop and Walter, the cat venture outdoors to share snippets of their life in front of the cameras at the farm. This is a short video of the two of them in the snow, having a conversation together.