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Vaulcluse20 grooming routine

April 14th, 2020

From Gainesway Farm: 

Vaulcluse and her filly are doing well. The team at Gainesway is working with Vaulcluse20 on her daily grooming routine. She's still a little unsure about standing still and walking without her mom, but over time she will stand still, and happily walk around without mom being by her side. Mom will also get better about her being out of the stall without her.

The handler starts by having the baby stand in front of the stall so mom and baby can see each other. Then, he will go over the foal's entire body with a soft brush trying to make contact with all the parts of the foal. This helps the foal to get comfortable being touched and not be afraid of people touching in places that maybe the mom may not. Next, he will pick up each foot and even if there is nothing there, he will rub on the foot, tap it, make scraping noises to again desensitize the foal to something that just doesn't happen to it naturally. Finally, he will teach the foal to walk up and down the shed row. This whole process takes a little less than 5 minutes. Right now, that's completely fine as foals at this age have a very small attention span. 

We need them to be comfortable about being outside their stall so we can do individual work on them like trimming their feet, or vet work like taking xrays. Soon, she will learn to stand for getting sprayed off with fly spray and getting a bath. This is all done almost everyday to all our foals to ensure they get comfortable with this routine.  Watch the video below of Vaulcluse20 being groomed by her handler. 

Vaulcluse20 is confident and decisive

April 3rd, 2020

From Gainesway Farm: "At a week old, Vaulcluse20 has such an independent air about her and has such a decisive attitude. Just walking by her mom, she holds her head up high and ears straight ahead, like she knows exactly where she's going. And when she's tired, she doesn't mess around about making a show about trying to lay down. She simply decides she's tired and just...lays down. She doesn't worry like the others if her mom wonders off a little too far.

She is having a great time and has adjusted really well in her new barn, and has even gotten a paddock buddy, a filly named Courtisane20. They aren't exactly friends yet, as they were just turned out together, but I'm sure in a couple of weeks they'll be running and playing around with each other."


Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm


Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Vaulcluse20 is turned out

March 30th, 2020

This past weekend, Vaulcluse and her filly were turned out together in a paddock. The farm staff wanted to turn out the filly before the farrier came to work on her leg brace on Saturday. The staff fillmed a few snippets and they were side-by-side most of the time.

Below is a video of Vaulcluse20 trying out those long legs in her little paddock for the first time.

They will be moving into a new barn and paddock over the next few days. The camera team will be working to reset/relocate the cameras so stay tuned! 

Vaulcluse and filly together.JPG

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Vaulcluse'20 can nurse and has a new corrective leg brace

March 27th, 2020

Vaulcluse and her filly are doing very well at Gainesway Farm. The milk of the mare is clear and healthy for her foal to drink so, her muzzle was removed. Together, they were turned out for a few hours today.  Our camera team will be working to relocate/adjust camera location as their new schedule solidifies.

Vaulcluse20 has a contracted tendon in her right hind leg. The farm team at Gainesway has placed a corrective brace on it to assist in stretching it out. Below the video (it does not have sound) shows how the farrier replaces it. He is trying to stretch the tendon by putting a cast on the back of the leg. He is replacing the brace he put on yesterday because each brace is set at a different angle, slowly stretching the tendon to the correct angle. He will then leave a brace on her leg until it gets strong enough to stay at the correct angle on its own which can take 3 or 4 days. The filly is sedated while they put on a new brace. This keeps her still so the brace fits better. 

An additional video shares the materials used to build the brace.

Have a good weekend and thanks for following! 


Vaulcluse20 is bottle feeding

March 26th, 2020

Last night, Vaulcluse20 developed some minor colic. The farm staff at Gainesway believe it’s from her big appetite and possibly too much milk. The farm team gave her some medication called banamine to alleviate pain. She is doing better today. Below is a great video talking more indepth about the steps taken to get the filly accustomed to drinking a bottle so that she can easily transition to nursing when the mare is stripped of her colostrum. 

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