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Happy Four Months From One Happy Herd!

Centre Court
June 16th, 2018

Happy Birthday At Four Months Centre Court18!!

New Routine, New Reason To Be So Cute!

Centre Court
May 7th, 2018

Perfect Way To Start My Day!

Centre Court
March 14th, 2018

Snow Can Be As Much Fun As Mud!

Centre Court
March 12th, 2018

 The folks at Shawnee Farm -- in Harrodsburg, about 30 miles from Lexington -- woke up to nine inches of snow today!    Centre Court and her filly seem to be enjoying it...almost as much as they enjoy the mud!

Foal Patrol Fan Query

Centre Court
March 8th, 2018

We welcome Foal Patrol Fans to write into the Museum with questions about Foal Patrol.  We love hearing from you and we try to post content and responses as quickly as we can. Feel free to send your comments and questions to:

Below is a Foal Patrol Fan question about Centre Court and the response from Shawnee Farm.

Foal Patrol Fan Question / Comment:

“I am curious to know why workers leave manure on bare floor of Centre Court’s stall & other than clean it out, just pile straw on top of it?  Saw this done after bringing mare and baby back from bout out of stall when the stall was 3/4 empty of straw on March 2nd.  Mare left fresh manure on bare floor when she came back in.”

All farms have unique routines. Our crew cleans stalls first thing then comes back through with fresh bedding. Sometimes due to weather, vet procedures, farrier, etc., it is necessary for the mare and foal to be in their partially finished stall for a short period of time. Our stall floors are rubber so not a hard surface. On normal days Centre Court and her foal will be outside during the time her stall is being cleaned. She is now spending most all day out with another mare and foal. She will soon graduate to the big field with several other mares. We might consider moving the outside camera to better show her time outside. Before we do this let me confirm which large field she will be going into. Our weather has been a challenge lately and we have been managing turnout to ensure the health of the young foals who are more susceptible to extreme conditions.