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Welcome to the Foal Patrol! Here you will find content from all of our mares in one place. Please check back regularly for the latest updates!

Just Curious!

June 6th, 2018

Here is a quick update on "Baby VV" from Double Diamond Farm:

Around the barn one of her nicknames is "Lightning" because she is Always zipping around in her paddock.

She is eating grain with her mother and she’s grazing out in the field on grass and she does eat hay.

Even though foals have teeth they will still continue to nurse off their mothers until they are weaned around four or five months.

She loves to be scratched.

The Big Snuggle...

May 20th, 2018

Rosie and Via Veneto18 seem to spend a lot of time grooming each other while they're in the stall.  When we at Foal Patrol see it on the livestream, we like to think of it as snugglingsmiley.  Equine specialists will tell you that one of the most common social behaviors of horses is mutual grooming.  Some studies have revealed that grooming reaffirms the bond between horses, reduces social tension within the group and in some cases "feel good" hormones are increased in horses that undergo mutual grooming sessions.  In case you've missed it on the livestream, here's a screen capture of a recent snuggling / grooming session!

A Via Veneto18 & Rosie Snuggle

May 19th, 2018

Via Veneto18 has a minor infection and is being treated with antibiotics.  The clinic gave her a very good report today and tell us Via Veneto18 will remain on antibiotics for about six more days.  Here she is snuggling with Rosie.

New Routine - New Cameras!

May 10th, 2018

Via Veneto18 and Rosie are doing very well and are enjoying the Florida sunshine!

Over the past couple days, Double Diamond has been in the process of changing up the routine for Via Veneto18 and Rosie and we're in the process of relocating cameras.  Please accept our apologies while we make the transition.  We appreciate your patience.  And soon, we will once again be live streaming Via Veneto18, possibly one of Foal Patrol's most precocious filly's!

Via Veneto18 & Her Surrogate Mom

April 30th, 2018

Foal Patrol is happy to report Via Veneto and her nurse mare, "Rosie" have arrived safely back at Double Diamond Farm.  We can now watch them bonding and enjoying the Florida sunshine on the Foal Patrol live stream paddock camera.

We're told the transition for Via Veneto18 has been relatively easy and she seems to have the energy, curiosity and the "sass" that most healthy, young foals have.

Double Diamond is careful to let the bonding process take place naturallly and with as little interruption as possible.  So many of our Foal Patrol fans have asked for videos and photos;  once Rosie and Via Veneto18 get fully adjusted and have gotten used to their new routine, we'll be sure to provide plenty of video and photo updates!