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New Money Honey is happy in her paddock

New Money Honey
February 28th, 2020

News from Indian Creek Farm:

"We have been waiting for something to happen to give you a more interesting progress update but New Money Honey has been thoroughly content and happy out in her paddock eating grass. Her bag is getting a little larger but still not full. She will move over to her foaling stall next week as she continues to progress."

She is getting closer each day so we will see when this maiden mare delivers her first baby! 

New Money Honey is coming along

New Money Honey
February 21st, 2020

New Money Honey is progressing well, her mammary development is slowly coming on. The staff at Indian Creek Farm believe she will go over her due date of February 21 by about a week to ten days. Leo Dooley, Broodmare Manager provided the information below about her stable bandages. 

On Sunday February 16th New Money Honey presented with moderate swelling in her right hind leg and mild swelling in her left hind leg. Following consultation with our veterinarian it was decided to put New Money Honey on a precautionary 3 day course of oxytetracycline. This is an antibiotic that is useful for fighting off a cellulitis. In central Kentucky during the Spring this is not uncommon due to wet ground conditions. New Money Honey was also placed in stall wraps on both hinds until swelling is resolved. We are happy to report that at no stage was she uncomfortable and has continued to maintain a healthy appetite.

Most likely she is days away from delivering but continue to follow her over the weekend to stay updated. 

NMH and Leo.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Mathea Kelly

How is New Money Honey progressing?

New Money Honey
February 12th, 2020

Indian Creek Farm has been monitoring New Money Honey more closely since moving her to the foaling barn in the afternoons. She has the started the process of what is called "bagging up". Very slight mammary development has started which usually begins about 4 weeks out from the mare giving birth but, can be as far as 6 weeks out. New Money Honey is a maiden mare, meaning this is her very first foal, making it a little more difficult to tell how she will progress as she hasn't been through this before.

Her predicted foaling date is February 21, 2020. We will follow how she is doing and what the farm predicts will be her delivery date. 

Conformation 1-31-20.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Mathea Kelly

New Money Honey moved to foaling stall and on 24 hour coverage

New Money Honey
February 5th, 2020

Indian Creek Farm sent an update that New Money Honey has been moved to her stall in the foaling barn and she will occupy that space from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. daily. She is still turned out from 8:00 a.m. - 3 p.m and is on 24-hour camera coverage. She is progressing as expected and will be monitored more closely going forward now that she is in the barn overnight. 

The farm staff has set the camera schedule so that they have time to check her over, off camera, in-between moving her from the paddock to her stall and back. 

Please continue to watch and follow her over the next few weeks as the farm staff provide updates on how she is doing.

New Money Honey 2.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Mathea Kelly


Will New Money Honey have a filly or colt?

New Money Honey
February 4th, 2020

e5 Racing, the owners of New Money Honey decided to have the sex of her fetus determined prior to delivery.  

The procedure is done by examining the mare for pregnancy at 60 to 70 days post-ovulation (the examination can also occur later on between 90-140 days but, it is generally not as accurate). The veterinarian will use a transducer to find a fetus. When the fetus is located, the entire fetus is scanned, visualizing the head and remainder of the body. Determinations are made in utero by locating the genital tubercle and defining its position relative to other fetal structures. This is what dictates the sex. 

Horse owners will have the fetal sex determined to allow them to manage aspects of their business including the value of the foal as this is influenced by gender. In addition, it also affects the value of the mare in what she produces as offspring. 

Incorporation of sexual determination into breeding programs increased rapidly when owners realized that it was a very accurate and useful management tool. Much of the accuracy is due to the fact that there is no diagnosis made unless the practitioner is certain.

Do you think New Money Honey is having a filly or colt?! Take a look at the photo below for a clue. 

Excerpts from this article were written by Richard Holder, DVM