Social Thoroughbreds

Horse Behavior
March 26th, 2020

Thoroughbred horses are social animals. They benefit greatly from interacting with horses as well as other animals for friendship and support. Pasture/barn companions are common and range from old, retired racehorses, to farm horses, to ponies that have a steadfast, calm temperament. A pasture/barn companion will be seen accompanying Thoroughbred racehorses in training and different times before and after a race. They also stay with the racehorse in their stable and occasionally during travel. Many farms use these companions to provide a calming presence for Thoroughbreds who may be nervous about competing or just simply relax more easily around another horse. 

Other animals are just as effective at soothing Thoroughbreds. Some examples include pigs, dogs, goats, cats and chickens. The type of animal will depend on the horse’s personality and temperament.

Below are videos on Magical World20 and his paddock mates at Three Chimneys Farm as well as Porkchop, the pig socializing with the horses at Old Tavern Farm.