Third Trimester Nutrition for Mares

January 28th, 2020

Chris Baker at Three Chimneys Farm shares an in-depth video of the nutritional needs of mares in the third trimester (the last three months of gestation) and the significant growth of the foal that occurs during that time. Throughout the last three months, foals gain two-thirds of their body mass therefore, the nutritional needs of the mare increase significantly. In the first two trimesters, mares are given about two pounds of feed. Throughout the last trimester, the farm staff will increase the volume, calories and protein by giving the mare 10-12 pounds of feed. This is important in ensuring the mare gets everything her body needs in preparation for delivery, lactation and to support her growing foal.

In addition to nutritional needs, mares will also recieve important pre-foaling vaccinations. These increase the antibody count that is passed onto the foal through colostrum or the first milk. Colostrum is the way in which foals gain immunity in their first few months of life, preventing disease and infection. 

Enjoy Magical World and her paddock mates out in the field at Three Chimneys Farm.