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Broodmare management

June 29th, 2022

Many of the questions we received this season centered on broodmare care and management. For those who may have missed earlier blog posts, we wanted to post one final resource from the BloodHorse on how research continues to shape best practices and the importance of proper management to broodmare health and performance.


June 24th, 2022

In response to a great question from a Foal Patrol viewer in Texas asking why broodmares are prone to colic, this Q&A with Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital's Dr. Katy Dern available on the Paulick Report provides an overview of colic in broodmares and some explanations for its causes.

Maternal influences

June 23rd, 2022

We heard from a Foal Patrol follower earlier this week asking about maternal genetic influence in Thoroughbreds. Although research is ongoing and there is no definitive answer to this question, this article by Anne Peters available from the BloodHorse summarizes a 2015 study that suggested a mother’s influence may actually be more important than a father’s influence when it comes to racing ability. Again, this information is limited to one research study from hundreds centered on genetics, but we think you'll find it an interesting read. Enjoy!

Equine reproductive health

June 20th, 2022

From reproductive endocrinology and placenta physiology to broodmare nutrition, learn more about equine reproductive health in this podcast featuring Dr. Barry Ball. With more than 35 years in equine reproduction research, Dr. Ball reflects on the evolution of theriogenology, the veterinary medicine specialty focused on reproduction, over his long career. A big thanks to The Horse for allowing us to share this podcast with our Foal Patrol followers.

Fetal sexing

June 13th, 2022

In response to a great question from a Foal Patrol fan in Ohio about fetal sexing, we think you will enjoy this video in which Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital's Dr. Tom Riddle explains how to determine if a mare is pregnant with a filly or colt.