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Viewer submission: Smokey with the weanlings

Your Stories
June 29th, 2022

We have a final shot of Smokey out and about with some of his favorite fillies in Versailles, Kentucky, who happen to have very familiar faces. We have seen Smokey pop up at Safari North throughout the season, and we love seeing him again one last time with Season 5's first foal, Traveling Tiger 22, and her pasture buddies. A big thanks to Smokey for his hard work and to Emma for sending this photo our way!

Viewer submission: Ellie

Your Stories
June 29th, 2022

Look what we received from Ellie and Smokey in Paris, Kentucky. Sure to bring a smile to your face, we are so happy to share these photos on Foal Patrol's Your Stories. Ellie - we thank you for being a part of Foal Patrol. Keep loving your Smokey!

Viewer submission: "You have done a fantastic job answering so many questions..."

Your Stories
June 27th, 2022

We received this submission from a long-time Foal Patrol follower in Michigan over the weekend. We thank Gail for asking great questions and for her engagement with Foal Patrol. 

"Congratulations on a very well done Foal Patrol Season! I have learned so much from the Education blog and appreciate all the features for fans of all ages. You have done a fantastic job answering so many questions, communicating with the participating farms and sharing so many updates, resources, photos and videos.

One of the things that impressed me this year was the very timely communication between Foal Patrol and the farms when we followers submitted concerns about things we observed and didn't understand. You were then able to respond quickly to us, both personally and with an update on Foal Patrol, with appropriate links on the Education blog to help educate us about the different circumstances... Life for humans and animals is not always predictable, even in the best of circumstances! Openness and honesty are what allow us to support each other."

-Gail in South Haven, Michigan

Viewer submission: Smokey & Madison

Your Stories
June 24th, 2022

We love this photo of Smokey with Madison from Riverview, Michigan. We send happy wishes Madison's way and thank you for engaging with Foal Patrol this year!

Viewer submission: Smokey with the fillies

Your Stories
June 21st, 2022

It's tough to say who is watching over who in this great shot of our Foal Patrol mascot with three 2021 fillies at Hermitage Farm in Kentucky. From left to right are a Twirling Candy filly out of Fiesta, a Blame filly out of Always Pleasant, and a Vino Rosso filly out of Cool and Stormy. We thank our friends in Kentucky for sharing this shot with us, and happy wishes to these fillies!