Horse Careers

Photographer: Kathy Landman
On average, a racehorse will race for two to four years.
Thoroughbreds are mainly used for racing, but they also participate in other sports such as show jumping, dressage, mounted archery, and polo.
Thoroughbred horses may also serve as therapy horses, pleasure riding horses, or lead ponies on the racetrack.
After their racing careers, Thoroughbreds often become stallions or broodmares for breeding.
Most Thoroughbreds easily transition into second and even third careers.
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Education Blogs

As part of our partnership with the Retired Racehorse Project to celebrate the Thoroughbred this season, enjoy this week's installment of #SecondCareerSaturday:

Did you watch Foal Patrol mare Traveling Tiger deliver her filly Thursday night? She’s not the only horse by Candy Ride who grabbed our attention — 17 offspring of Candy Ride have gone through the Thoroughbred Makeover since 2015! Horses by Candy Ride have found second-career success in just about every discipline out there — they’re just as athletic as sport horses as they were as racehorses and are known for their good natures and trainability. 

Pictured are two #TBMakeoverGrads by Candy Ride: Great Reward, who won the 2019 Polo discipline with Buck Schott; and Candy Ruby, who competed in the 2019 Show Hunter with Alexandra Beckstett. 

Check out the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every Saturday during the season for more #SecondCareerSaturday. 

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Foal Patrol Season 5 is celebrating the breadth and depth of the Thoroughbred. Throughout the season, we will have a chance to learn more about racehorses in their second or third careers. We have partnered with Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, a nonprofit organization with the mission to rescue and retrain retired racehorses, to showcase some of their equine therapy horses. Meet Kid Blast (NY) in this first installment.

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Foal Patrol has partnered with the Retired Racehorse Project to celebrate Thoroughbreds in Foal Patrol Season 5. Check out the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every Saturday during the season for #SecondCareerSaturday posts. Cowboy Swagger, a gelding by Grindstone out of One Fast Cowgirl, is our first #SecondCareerSaturday spotlight:

Racing is just the beginning of what a Thoroughbred can do. The @Retired Racehorse Project is proud to partner with Foal Patrol this year for #SecondCareerSaturday and celebrate the incredible athlete that is the Thoroughbred racehorse — and ex-racehorse! Pictured is 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover Champion Cowboy Swagger — first a racehorse and winner of $20,299, and now a Makeover champion and competitive barrel racer.

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Thoroughbred horses are mainly used for racing, but they also participate in other sporting disciplines. Godolphin takes us behind the scenes to learn more about the breaking in process for dressage riding. Dressage, derived from the French term meaning "training," is an equestrian exhibition and competition sport. 

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