The live camera feeds will be available according to each of the horses' daily schedules, listed below their overview. Live footage will extend as the mares get closer to their expected foaling date.

It's a Filly!


Saint Ballado - Goulash, By Mari's Book




Bred To

Born at 5:56 p.m. on March 6, 2020

Foaling Date

Godolphin (Gainsborough Farm)


Ashado20 showing signs of turning grey

March 17th, 2020

From the look of things, Ashado20 is showing signs of that she will turn grey. The farm staff captured some recent close-up photos and she is exhibiting some grey around her eyes and has grey hairs throughout her coat. These are early indications that she will turn grey. 

The grey gene causes progressive depigmentation of the hair. Horses that inherit this progressive grey gene can be born any color, then begin to gradually show white and grey hairs mixed with the color throughout the body. Usually the first signs of grey hair can be found on the head, particularly around the eyes.

Ashado20 eye.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm

Ashado20 coat.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm

Ashado and filly outside more and doing well

May 12th, 2020

Both Ashado and her filly are doing great. They are spending more time outside now. Danny Mulvihill shared that the team continues to put wraps on when they can as Ashado20 is still just a little upright in her front pasterns.

If there is rain in the forecast, they generally do not leave the bandages on outside.

 Once her pastern angles improve, they will not need to put sweat bandages on anymore. 

(5-2) 20 Ashado (15).JPG

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm

Ashado and filly at Gainsborough Farm

May 5th, 2020

From Gainsborough Farm: Ashado and her filly are doing well. They are spending more time outdoors, enjoying the space and grass in the field. Their schedule has changed and they will be turned out at 1:30pm and will stay out overnight and come up for breakfast at 7am.

The filly is growing quickly as you can see in the pictures below. This morning Ashado 20 was weighed and measured at 312 lbs and stands 47.5 inches.

She has plenty of attitude and is very independent when outside in the paddock. Everyone is healthy and well. 

(5-2) 20 Ashado (33).JPG

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm

(5-2) 20 Ashado (13).JPG

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm

(5-2) 20 Ashado (14).JPG

Photo courtesy of Gainsborough Farm