The live camera feeds will be available according to each of the horses' daily schedules, listed below their overview. Live footage will extend as the mares get closer to their expected foaling date.

With Honors

War Front - All Her Class, By Street Cry

LNJ Foxwoods



Bred To

Born at 9:10 p.m. on February 4, 2019

Foaling Date

Claiborne Farm


So happy to be turned out

With Honors
April 15th, 2019

With Honors and Honor It had a special vist from their owners, LNJ Foxwoods a few weeks ago. These two were ready to show off when brought out to the paddock. Watch to see! 

Spring air and zooming around

With Honors
April 11th, 2019

Jill Gordon at Claiborne Farm shares "With Honors and Honor It are loving the warmer spring weather and lush green grass. Honor It loves nothing more than 'zooming' around when she is first turned out in the mornings. With Honors continues to be a wonderful, patient mom to Honor It. Over the past few weeks, the foals have become increasingly more social amongst themselves, which is a great sign that they are both confident and content in their environment.

With Honors and Honor It had a special visit from their owners, LNJ Foxwoods last week! Both mare and foal were sure to show off to their owners when they were turned out following their visit!"

honor it with LNJ Foxwoods.jpg

Photo courtesy of Claiborne Farm

With Honors and Honor It enjoy the spring

With Honors
March 21st, 2019

Jill Gordon, Client Relations and Sales Manager at Claiborne Farm shared With Honors and Honor It continue to thrive. Now settled into their Spring field with 6 other sets of mares and foals, Honor It is socializing and loves testing out her gears each morning as you all have seen! On sunny days, Honor It can often be found fast asleep in the field taking a ‘sun bath’. With Honors is enjoying her time in the field as well and continues to be an excellent mother. The pair will be in this field with the same group and mares and foals for several months, allowing Honor It to bond with some of her paddock mates. We look forward to continuing to watch Honor It and With Honors in the lush green grass and sunshine that Spring brings!