The live camera feeds will be available according to each of the horses' daily schedules, listed below their overview. Live footage will extend as the mares get closer to their expected foaling date.

Foal is due anytime

Magical World

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Expected Foal Date

Three Chimneys Farm


Early preparation for delivery with Magical World 

Magical World
February 13th, 2020

Three Chimneys Farm is a thoroughbred race horse breeding farm that is very familiar with the needs of mares. For over 40 years, the staff has ensured the mares receive top care before, during and after delivery. Chris Baker has shared great resources on aspects of this care, most recently including third trimester nutrition for mares. A part of this discussion included the increase in grain and feed as the mares prepare to deliver then feed her new foal with milk. Regulating their nutrition is just one aspect of this care. Preparing them physically for the rigors of labor are also imperative. Recently, Magical World received a procedure called an episiotomy that also prepared her to deliver her foal. In an episiotomy, the mares vulva is opened/enlarged in a simple surgical procedure performed with sterile, surgical scissors. This is necessary to prevent further tearing and harming the mare as it stretches in the process of foaling. Episiotomies are performed with the mare under mild sedation and using a local anesthetic.  

In Broodmares, episiotomies are extremely common. They are generally performed when mares are believed to be 7-10 days from foaling. This was performed after the cameras were turned off earlier this week. 

The team at Three Chimneys still believes Magical World is still days away from her delivery (no Valentine's Day foal this year) but continue to follow her as she gets closer.  

Magical Worlds delivery is imminent

Magical World
February 22nd, 2020

Another update as we count down to Magical World's delivery at Three Chimneys Farm. She has developed wax on her udder and the farm staff believe she is within a day of foaling. 

Will a mare start her labor outdoors?

Magical World
February 21st, 2020

A follower inquired about the likelihood of a mare delivering outdoors in her paddock. Chris Baker created the following response:

In our experience at Three Chimneys Farm, mares can start labor anytime/anyplace but we end up with around 10% of foalings occurring during daylight hours and potentially out in the paddock/field. To identify these occurrences, we have a “day watch” person making rounds of paddocks and fields all day so mares are observed every 10-15 minutes and therefore can’t get too far ahead of us in the foaling process before we can monitor and assist. 

If the weather and ground conditions are appropriate, we will go ahead and foal them outside as this is a very healthy way to foal for mare, foal and bio security purposes. If conditions do not allow for outdoor foaling, we will bring the mare into the barn when foaling is imminent or when she has broken water and complete the process in her designated stall. 

Magical World getting closer

Magical World
February 20th, 2020

Magical World is getting closer and closer to delivery. Chris Baker shares an informative video on her progress and the signs that she is exhibiting. She is letting go of her top coat, relaxing her top line, filling up her udder with milk and softing the pelvic muscles around her tailhead to deliver. Stay tuned over the weekend as they believe she is days away from foaling. Only time will tell!