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Then & Now: Miss Always Ready 21

Miss Always Ready
June 15th, 2022

In last week's update on this Palace Malice filly, we were pleased to share that Miss Always Ready 21 is thriving at Three Chimneys. With a visit to the yearling barn this week as the crew is gearing up for yearling sales prep, we were able to capture a few shots of this lovely yearling in the hustle and bustle of the yearlings' busy morning. Miss Always Ready 21's athleticism is promising, and she was cool and collected during her mini "photo shoot," despite the morning's activity.

Her Foal Patrol fans wish her all the best in her journey. 


Miss Always Ready
June 10th, 2022

Miss Always Ready delivered a Palace Malice filly on Foal Patrol in 2021 that has yet to be named. This filly is one of Three Chimneys' best yearlings. She is very athletic, and the farm has high hopes for her as a racehorse when she gets there. Unfortunately, we are saddened to share that Miss Always Ready did not survive her colic episode last year. Three Chimneys would like us to share that the "farm is fortunate to have four of her daughters that can carry on her bloodline for us at Three Chimneys." 

21Miss Always Ready - growth chart & weigh in

Miss Always Ready
May 3rd, 2021

21 Miss Always Ready is a healthy, growing foal! Watch the video by Chris Baker to learn all about her measurements, and take a look at her growth chart below. 

Miss Always Ready - recovering well

Miss Always Ready
April 23rd, 2021

Miss Always Ready appears to be turning the corner in her recovery from colic surgery. Her vital signs are all now within normal limits and her appetite is good. She is not quite ready to return to the farm, but should do so early next week. Her 2021 Palace Malice foal continues to do well with the nurse mare Beauty.