The live camera feeds will be available according to each of the horses' daily schedules, listed below their overview. Live footage will extend as the mares get closer to their expected foaling date.

It's a Colt!

Miss Chapin

Royal Academy - Society Dream, By Akarad

Mrs. Jerry Amerman


Oscar Performance

Bred To

02/26/2021 at 2:23 AM

Foaling Date

Mill Ridge


Miss Chapin is NI Positive

Miss Chapin
February 26th, 2021

On February 26 at 2:23AM, Miss Chapin gave birth to a lovely Oscar Performance colt weighing in at 110lbs! This spunky little guy is doing great and will have the feeding tube removed as soon as the farm is confident that Miss Chapin is producing enough milk to sustain our new guy.

Miss Chapin was Neonatal Isoerthrolysis (NI) positive which means that we needed to muzzle and tube feed her colt until the Jaundice Foal Agglutination (JFA) test comes back at a desirable level or the foal’s gut closes. This usually happens within 36-48 hours. Attached is an article written by Mill Ridge's very own Dr. Jackie Snyder that gives a more in depth description of Neonatal Isoerthrolysis. Stay tuned for more foal updates as mom and baby begin to venture outside!

It's a colt for Miss Chapin!

Miss Chapin
February 26th, 2021

Miss Chapin gave birth to a beautiful colt on February 26th at 2:23 AM! Watch the video below from Mill Ridge Farm to see this new foal at about 6 hours old.

Miss Chapin's camera - 2.24.2021

Miss Chapin
February 24th, 2021

Hi, Foal Patrol fans! We understand Miss Chapin's camera is not live. We are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you!