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Phipps Stable


Tour of Duty


Born 5:50 am on 1/19/2018

Foaling Date

Claiborne Farm


Boys Will Be Boys!

May 30th, 2018

We've asked the folks at Claiborne Farm to give us a quick update on how Tour Of Duty is growing.  Here is a recap of our Q&A:

Is he growing at a normal rate?  He looks huge, especially when he's in the stall with mamma. 

He is growing about the same as his other barn mates. He might look big in the stall because it’s staying the same size as he grows. 

How has his demeanor changed as he's grown? 

He used to have a biting habit that he’s been breaking him of. He said he’s gotten a lot better, but you have teach them while they’re young, or else they’ll keep doing it their whole life. 

Has he made new friends in the paddock? 

He’s friends with all of the other foals in his paddock. His two buddies are Vexed ’18 and Magical Moon ’18. 

Has he developed any funny habits? 

He used to be a biter but is starting to break that habit. Other than that, he really enjoys his feed and will go straight for the bucket once he’s fed!

So far, he's the only Foal Patrol colt.  Do you think colts behave differently than fillies?

Fillies are easier to raise because they’re not as playful with each other. As colts get older, they becoming rougher with each other. 

What is expected of a foal his age? 

In a couple of weeks, his mom will likely try to get him to stop nursing by nipping at him and pulling away. Then they will begin weaning. He’s still nursing but not very much because he’s also getting hay, grass, and feed.

"Sabbatical 18" One Month Old Today!

February 19th, 2018

He's Got The Moves!

February 4th, 2018

At two weeks old "Sabbatical 18" weighs in at 151 pounds which means he's growing at a normal pace.  What's a little beyond normal are his moves...see for yourself!