The live camera feeds will be available according to each of the horses' daily schedules, listed below their overview. Live footage will extend as the mares get closer to their expected foaling date.

Silver Colors

Mr. Greeley - Winning Colors, By Caro

Antony Beck



Bred To

Born at 3 a.m. on April 28, 2019

Foaling Date

Gainesway Farm


Silver Colors19 Socializing

Silver Colors
June 4th, 2019

Silver Colors and her colt have been placed with Wicked Mizz and her bay filly by Tapizar. The broodmare manager at Gainesway Farm likes to buddy mares up, 2-3 at a time to let them get safely accustomed to being back with their own pasture mates with their babies. In the next month or so, he will then place most of them back together in a larger herd, and since the mares will have a horse they are comfortable being around, there will be less of a chance of a horse getting injured.

As far as little Silver Colors19 turning gray...He will probably stay chestnut. It can be hard to tell, but most of the time the babies that will turn gray usually have what I call a thick "white eye-liner" around their eyes. Kind of a roaning around them. They will, after about a month or so, have a roan/steel look about their entire coat. Silver Colors19 had a little lite coloring around his eyes when he was younger, but that was due to his chestnut color. 

Here is a recent video of Silver Colors19 socializing with his friend. 


Silver Colors19 is growing by leaps and bounds

Silver Colors
May 29th, 2019

Gainesway Farm shared this update on Silver Colors19:

Silver Colors19 is growing by leaps and bounds. He just celebrated his one month on May 28th! He has been turned out with his pasture buddy for a couple of weeks now and they are as close as siblings. They spend their afternoons and evenings playing, sleeping and just enjoying being a horse. While in his stall, he is learning how to stand to have his feet picked, his body groomed and learning to walk with a handler without his mother being right beside him.

Silver Colors19 and friend.JPG

Photo courtesy of Amy Slugantz

Schedule update for Silver Colors and colt

Silver Colors
May 10th, 2019

After a veternarian check, Silver Colors19 was given the all clear to go outside as his ribs have healed. A paddock camera will be installed so we can view Silver Colors and colt at Gainesway Farm. Stay tuned for updates!   

Silver Colors.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Amy Slugantz

Silver Colors19 is active and playful

Silver Colors
May 7th, 2019

Gainesway Farm sent an update on the 9 day old colt:

Silver Colors19 is doing really well. He has become more active for longer periods as the days go by. He should get an exam sometime next week to see how his ribs are healing. His mom, Silver Colors hopes he gets the all clear as she is ready to go back outside.

Here is a recent video of him playing in the stall. You can see he is energetic and full of spunk!