It's a Filly!

Traveling Tiger

Candy Ride - Atlantic Voyage, By Stormy Atlantic

Susan Moulton



Bred To

Born 9:30 p.m. on 1/13/2022

Foaling Date

Safari North at Pauls Mill


Traveling Tiger 22 Update

Traveling Tiger
June 6th, 2022

Traveling Tiger 22 was weaned late last week. She is turned out with familiar pasture mates, including Will Do 22 (pictured above with Traveling Tiger 22) and Peaceful Feeling 22. During stall time in the mornings, she cleans up her feed and then relaxes comfortably before some handling time, check ups, and ample turnout time for exercise, socialization, and grazing. We are pleased to share that she is doing well at Safari North.


Traveling Tiger
May 31st, 2022

Over the season, many of you have commented that Traveling Tiger is a creature of habit. Whether it's how she approached her feed or water bucket, she has a definitive way of doing things. Tiger is an extremely confident mare, but she balances that confidence and (sometimes) stubbornness with a good temperament overall. That balance also comes through in her mothering style. She is on hand for her filly, providing guidance and nudging, but she isn't overly protective.

Although she has paired well with other mares in general, she has grown accustomed to Peaceful Feeling, a War Front mare she and Traveling Tiger 22 have shared their pasture with since February. Peaceful Feeling had her first foal, a Munnings filly, the night before Traveling Tiger 22 was born. 

The staff at Safari North is waiting for a stretch of weather and timing for some of their other foals to wean Traveling Tiger 22. We'll keep you posted here.

Traveling Tiger Episode 10 - Night turnout

Traveling Tiger
May 24th, 2022

In this episode with Traveling Tiger and her 2022 Audible filly, we ask Safari North's Deborah Ward, "Why is night turnout important for foals?"