Orientate - Run Sarah Run, By Smart Strike

Donald R. Dizney




Born 8:42 pm on 4/26/2018

Foaling Date

Double Diamond Farm


The Big Snuggle...

May 20th, 2018

Rosie and Via Veneto18 seem to spend a lot of time grooming each other while they're in the stall.  When we at Foal Patrol see it on the livestream, we like to think of it as snugglingsmiley.  Equine specialists will tell you that one of the most common social behaviors of horses is mutual grooming.  Some studies have revealed that grooming reaffirms the bond between horses, reduces social tension within the group and in some cases "feel good" hormones are increased in horses that undergo mutual grooming sessions.  In case you've missed it on the livestream, here's a screen capture of a recent snuggling / grooming session!

A Via Veneto18 & Rosie Snuggle

May 19th, 2018

Via Veneto18 has a minor infection and is being treated with antibiotics.  The clinic gave her a very good report today and tell us Via Veneto18 will remain on antibiotics for about six more days.  Here she is snuggling with Rosie.

New Routine - New Cameras!

May 10th, 2018

Via Veneto18 and Rosie are doing very well and are enjoying the Florida sunshine!

Over the past couple days, Double Diamond has been in the process of changing up the routine for Via Veneto18 and Rosie and we're in the process of relocating cameras.  Please accept our apologies while we make the transition.  We appreciate your patience.  And soon, we will once again be live streaming Via Veneto18, possibly one of Foal Patrol's most precocious filly's!